What are the advantages of Bitvavo? 8 reasons to choose Bitvavo

Are you curious about the advantages of Bitvavo? In this article, we will discuss 8 reasons why buying and selling Bitcoin at Bitvavo can be interesting.

Trade €10.000 for free

A big advantage of Bitvavo is that as a new user, you can trade €10.000, of crypto for free. This allows you to try the possibilities risk-free. Use the button below to also claim your free €10.000, transaction credit at Bitvavo:

More than 230 cryptos

You can trade more than 230 different cryptocurrencies at Bitvavo. All known cryptocurrencies are available at Bitvavo: well-known examples are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But it doesn’t stop there: many new cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Solana are also available at Bitvavo. When new coins come out, Bitvavo will respond quickly so you can trade in the latest hypes as well.

A reliable party

Foreign parties do not always comply with all the rules, which can get you into trouble. A good example of this is the well-known Binance: because they did not comply with European legislation, users were suddenly unable to withdraw money back into their bank accounts.

Bitvavo is 100% reliable: with a registration with the Dutch Central Bank, they are under strict supervision. The funds you deposit are stored on separate accounts, and all cryptos are stored in bunkers all over the world. If something does go wrong, they are insured for an amount of over 255 million dollars!

User-friendly software

For me, the user-friendly software is a big advantage. You can literally buy or sell a crypto within a minute, with no technical knowledge required. This also makes the platform suitable for beginners who want to make their first crypto transaction.

You can also use a mobile application which allows you to quickly perform a transaction on the go.

In our manual we will explain how you can use Bitvavo’s software.

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Low transaction fees

At Bitvavo, every user benefits from low transaction fees: you never pay more than 0.25%! This can also make it attractive to buy crypto with smaller amounts of money. The low costs keep Bitvavo accessible for everyone, which is of course a good thing. In this article, you can read in more detail how much it costs to trade cryptos at Bitvavo.

Professional customer service

Bitvavo has a multi-language customer service, which is available via live chat and email. Since it is a European company, you often receive a clear answer in your language. This is not always the case with the more shady, foreign parties.

Online wallet

At Bitvavo, you can use an online wallet for every crypto offered. This makes it unnecessary to send the cryptos you buy to a hardware wallet. This makes it possible to buy and sell exotic cryptos without any technical knowledge. In this article you can read in more detail how Bitvavo’s wallets work.

Staking rewards

Another advantage of Bitvavo is that you can use staking without any extra effort. By participating in staking, you will receive an extra percentage of return on your cryptos. By doing so, you also contribute to the preservation of the blockchain behind the crypto in question. In the article about staking, you can read in more detail how this works.

Bitvavo staking

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