What are the Bitvavo staking percentages?

Staking can be very interesting! With staking, you receive a fixed, extra return on your cryptocurrencies at Bitvavo. But what are the staking percentages at Bitvavo?

Staking briefly explained

At Bitvavo, you have the option to stake your crypto. You will receive a type of ‘interest’ on your investment. There are no major drawbacks to staking at Bitvavo: you can simply sell your cryptos in the meantime.

Do you want to read in more detail how staking works on Bitvavo? Read through this guide: there, we also discuss the biggest advantages and disadvantages of staking at Bitvavo.

Staking rates at Bitvavo

Below you can see the staking rates at Bitvavo. Please note that these percentages change constantly and therefore this overview is not completely up-to-date. Click here to visit Bitvavo’s website, you can check the current percentages there.

  • ICON (7.5%)
  • Dai (6.1%)
  • Tether (6.1%)
  • USD Coin (6.1%)
  • Waves (5.5%)
  • Cardano (5%)
  • Ark (1.07%)
  • Litecoin (1.042)
  • Tron (1.03%)
  • Bitcoin Cash (1.02%)
  • Ethereum (1.01%)
  • Bitcoin (0.77%)
  • Tezos (0.66%)
  • NEO (0,52%)
  • Ontology (0.51%)
  • Chainlink (0.49%)
  • VeChain Thor (0.49%)

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