Is Bitvavo legal?

Before you start trading cryptos at Bitvavo, you might want to know if this is a legal crypto exchange. In this article, we will briefly discuss whether it is wise to invest in cryptos at Bitvavo.

Is Bitvavo legal?

Bitvavo is 100% legal! The company’s headquarters can be found right in the centre of beautiful Amsterdam. An illegal company would probably not operate in such a central location.

You can verify that Bitvavo is legal by the registration they have with the Dutch Central Bank. The Dutch Central Bank makes sure that companies comply with all Dutch and European laws. Bitvavo hopes to obtain an official bank registration in a few years.

Bitvavo & legitimacy

Bitvavo does everything possible to run a legitimate business. For example, customer funds are stored in a separate foundation, so they will not simply disappear in case of bankruptcy. But the measures don’t stop there: the crypto assets are insured up to an amount of $255 million.

If you still have concerns about the security of the platform, you can always choose to send some of your crypto to a cold wallet. This allows you to keep full control over your cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will discuss how this works.

Is Bitvavo a scam?

Bitvavo is definitely not a scam! Some people believe that Bitvavo is a scam because they receive a so-called phishing mail. These are emails sent by criminals who try to convince you to share your password or other personal data. In this article you can read in more detail how to protect your Bitvavo account so that the chance of a hack decreases.

Do you want to try the possibilities yourself? Open an account at Bitvavo right away and pay no transaction fees on your first €10.000, of transactions:

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