How to buy Ethereum at Bitvavo (2024)?

Are you thinking about buying Ethereum at Bitvavo? On this page, we’ll discuss how to buy Ethereum within minutes by using the crypto exchange Bitvavo.

First open an account

Don’t have an account with Bitvavo? At Bitvavo you can trade Ethereum for 0.25% or less in transaction fees. Use the button below & pay no transaction fees on your first €10.000 of transactions:

Buying Ethereum at Bitvavo

You can buy Ethereum at Bitvavo in two easy steps. First you need to add money to your account: this can be done with iDEAL or bank transfer. However, your account needs to be verified first, here you can read how this works.

EN deposit money

After you have added money to your account, you can easily & quickly buy Ethereum. First navigate to the crypto ETH and enter the amount you want to buy the crypto for. Then press buy and the crypto will automatically be added to your account!

Buy Ethereum Bitvavo

Selling Ethereum works in exactly the same way! After you sell ETH, you can withdraw the money from your account at any time.

Why invest in Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin that you can trade at Bitvavo. The Ethereum network is based on blockchain technology and can be used to program smart contracts.

Smart contracts are automatically executed when a certain condition is met. The special thing about smart contracts is that they do not require an intermediary. Fans of the cryptocurrency believe that in the future no intermediaries such as notaries or bankers will be needed.

Ethereum has been an interesting investment in the past because of its high returns. In a short period of time, the cryptocurrency went up several times. Do you think there is still enough growth potential for Ethereum? In that case, it might be interesting to buy ETH at Bitvavo.

The Ethereum (ETH) exchange rate

In the chart below you can see immediately at what price you can trade Ethereum (ETH) at Bitvavo:

Store Ethereum with caution

Ethereum is stored at Bitvavo in an online wallet. Hackers are constantly trying to gain access to wallets, so it is important to protect your account properly. You can do this by choosing a strong password and by enabling 2-FA. In this article we will discuss in more detail how you can further protect your account.

When you invest large amounts in Ethereum, it might be wise to transfer them to an offline wallet. In our article about the Bitvavo wallet, you will learn how to do this.