What is Bitvavo?

Bitvavo is the largest and most famous crypto exchange in the Netherlands. At Bitvavo you can trade more than 200 different cryptocurrencies at low prices.

Want to try out Bitvavo?

Do you want to try out Bitvavo? Open an account with Bitvavo using the button below & you will pay no transaction fee on your first €10.000, of transactions:

What is Bitvavo?

Bitvavo is an online trading platform where you can easily exchange euros for Bitcoin. Because you can use an online wallet at Bitvavo, you can store cryptos in your account and sell them whenever you want.

Who is Bitvavo suitable for?

Bitvavo is especially suitable for novice crypto traders & long-term investors. Bitvavo’s trading platform is very user-friendly and there are few bells and whistles. Bitvavo is therefore mainly strong in one area: facilitating trading in cryptos.

Bitvavo is therefore well suited for people who want to invest for the long term. Bitvavo is also an option for the active trader because of its low transaction fees (maximum 0.25%). However, Bitvavo does not offer complex derivatives and trading options, which makes it unsuitable for the more advanced trader.

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Where is Bitvavo located?

You can find the head office of Bitvavo in Amsterdam: Herengracht 450. Bitvavo is active across Europe and supports customers from 27 countries. With a trading volume of more than €10 billion every 30 days and over a million active traders, Bitvavo is a good choice.

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