Is your money insured with Bitvavo?

Before you deposit money at the crypto exchange, you are probably wondering if this is safe. In this article, we will briefly discuss whether your money is insured at Bitvavo.

Money is stored in a separate foundation

When you deposit money with Bitvavo, it is stored in a separate foundation. This way, you will not lose all your money if the underlying corporation goes bankrupt. Creditors will not be able to access customer funds.

Is your money insured with Bitvavo?

Your cryptos are also well protected: this is necessary, given the high risk of hacks. Bitvavo works together with so-called custody providers: these are companies that know how to protect cryptos properly.

These cryptos are insured at Bitvavo up to $255 million. In case of a major hack, your crypto assets are insured, which makes the chance of a major loss a lot lower.

Do you want to try trading?

Do you want to try the possibilities at Bitvavo yourself? As a new customer at Bitvavo, you do not have to pay commissions over your first €10.000, in trades. Open an account now:

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